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© Fins Australia Pty. LTD. Dromana Holiday Village 2013
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Dromana Holiday Village
Situated on the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula and only an hour’s
drive from Melbourne, Dromana Holiday Village is conveniently located on
the doorstep of the Mornington Peninsula’s renowned winery region and less
than 2km from the bay and all the holiday delights of Dromana foreshore.
Our self-contained holiday cabins and powered camping sites offer quality
affordable accommodation and will provide the perfect base for your
Mornington Peninsula escape.
Our team members are dedicated to providing superior customer service  
and ensuring the standards of our rooms and facilities are to the highest
standard. We aim to continually improve the holiday experience of our guests
and welcome your feedback.
We hope you enjoy your stay with us!
Dromana Holiday Village
offers a relaxing holiday
village atmosphere with
great proximity to all the
wonderful holiday
attractions of Dromana
and the Mornington
03 5981 0333